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Assessment Tool Example

The following battery of existing measures consists of 405 items is an example of a battery that covers most of the HiTOP traits and components as currently articulated. All measures have community normative data, such that a patients total score on each scale can be converted to T-scores with a percentile score indicating severity relative to community norms. This battery is not necessarily endorsed by the HiTOP consortium but provides an example of how a clinician can put together existing instruments to collect information on most HiTOP components. All instruments are freely available with author permission.

HiTOP Scales # of Items Source Measure HiTOP Spectra
WHODAS 2.0 Functioning 16 WHODAS none - Functioning
Exhibitionism 6 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Callousness 7 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Domineering 6 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Grandiosity 7 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Manipulativeness 6 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Rigidity 10 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Rudeness 7 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Hostile Aggression 8 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Norm Violation 7 CAT-PD Antagonistic Externalizing
Anhedonia 6 CAT-PD Detachment
Depressiveness 6 CAT-PD Detachment
Mistrust 7 CAT-PD Detachment
Romantic Disinterest 6 CAT-PD Detachment
Social Withdrawal 6 CAT-PD Detachment
Alcohol Use 10 AUDIT Disinhibited Externalizing
Drug Use 11 DUDIT Disinhibited Externalizing
Nonperseverance 9 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Non-planfullness 6 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Perfectionism 6 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Risk Taking 5 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Workaholism 6 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Irresponsibility 7 CAT-PD Disinhibited Externalizing
Submissiveness 6 CAT-PD Internalizing
Affective Lability 6 CAT-PD Internalizing
Anger 6 CAT-PD Internalizing
Anxiousness 7 CAT-PD Internalizing
Cognitive Problems 8 CAT-PD Internalizing
Emotional Detachment 7 CAT-PD Internalizing
Relationship Insecurity 7 CAT-PD Internalizing
Self-harm 7 CAT-PD Internalizing
Euphoria 5 IDAS-II Internalizing
Mania 5 IDAS-II Internalizing
Appetite Gain 3 IDAS-II Internalizing
Appetite Loss 3 IDAS-II Internalizing
Checking 3 IDAS-II Internalizing
Claustrophobia 5 IDAS-II Internalizing
Cleaning 7 IDAS-II Internalizing
Dysphoria 10 IDAS-II Internalizing
Ill-temper 5 IDAS-II Internalizing
Insomnia 6 IDAS-II Internalizing
Lassitude 6 IDAS-II Internalizing
Ordering 5 IDAS-II Internalizing
Panic 8 IDAS-II Internalizing
Social Anxiety 6 IDAS-II Internalizing
Suicidality 6 IDAS-II Internalizing
Traumatic Avoidance 4 IDAS-II Internalizing
Traumatic Intrusions 4 IDAS-II Internalizing
Well-being 8 IDAS-II Internalizing
Health Anxiety 7 CAT-PD Somatoform
Somatoform Scale 15 PHQ-15 Somatoform
Negative Scale 14 CAPE Thought Disorder
Positive Scale 20 CAPE Thought Disorder
Fantasy Proneness 6 CAT-PD Thought Disorder
Peculiarity 5 CAT-PD Thought Disorder
Unusual Experiences 7 CAT-PD Thought Disorder
Usual Beliefs 7 CAT-PD Thought Disorder

AUDIT: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
CAT-PD: Computerized Adaptive Test of Personality Disorder (CAT-PD) - static form
CAPE: Community Assessment of Psychic Experience
DUDIT: Drug Use Disorders Identification Test
IDAS-II: Inventory for Depression and Anxiety Symptoms (IDAS-II)
PHQ-15: Patient Health Questionnaire Physical Symptoms

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